Our love of regional ingredients is woven into our food too.

Our kitchen is open Wednesday-Sunday at noon.

Walk-ins and reservations are welcomed. 


We make everything from scratch, and if we can’t we bring it in from another small business who can. We work with humans who care deeply for what they are growing, rearing and cultivating - you can taste the different.

SNACK TRAY coppa, brie, pickled veg, olives, dates, seasame crackers, mustard, honey (24)
BREAKFAST SANDO egg, back bacon, cheddar, ketchup, mayo, sesame bun (14)
BRAISED BEEF SANDO enright cattle co beef, onions, cheddar, mixed pickled veg, sesame bun (17)
MAC N CHEESE aged cheddar, provolone, Lankaaster, mezzo rigatoni, pickled veg, breadcrumbs (16)
VEG TARTIN grilled seasonal veg, balsamic lemon dressing, hummus, dill, chilli oil, sourdough, sesame seeds, crispy chickpeas (16)